The Big Bang, Images 1-7 of Series, 2013, Makeup on Flesh.
(Models: Bradley Valentin & Shae Hollywood, Photo: Eat the Cake)

The following series of images, entitled The Big Bang tell a story of the moment of cosmic conception. Polar forces, represented by the masculine and the feminine came together in the void of nothingness. These forces are drawn to each other time and again, merging with a white hot explosion from whence all matter springs. These two forces are in a constant state of coming together and drawing apart, causing matter and life to expand and contract, arise and pass away, arise and pass away.

Community, as always, is a major component of my work. I made a plan to create a work in collaboration with my favorite band, Meridian Lights. Meridian (as they are known), is made up of my brother from another mother, brilliant guitarist and producer, Yohimbe Sampson who I met during my epic years at UC Berkeley and his bandmate, vocalist extraordinaire and Brooklynite, Bradley Valentine.